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Utopia Music Leads the Debate on Fairer Royalty Payments for Musicians and Artists

Utopia Music are shaking up an industry paralysed by outdated revenue models. While streaming has fundamentally altered how we consume music, royalty distribution hasn’t adjusted to support artists and creators. But the tide is beginning to turn...
January 3, 2023
Fair Pay for Every Play

Through modern technology, Utopia Music have developed a new ecosystem that delivers greater transparency and fairer pay for artists and rights holders. Their mission is to reshape the entire music industry so it benefits all participants, not just a select few. And they’re documenting that journey through their podcast.

Fair Pay For Every Play, is produced in partnership with Cue and hosted by Utopia’s Chief Strategy Officer, Kristian Louma. Now in its third season, the show follows the ongoing process of technical innovation towards a genuinely equitable distribution of royalties. Featuring guest interviews from all corners of the industry the show continues to play a key role in shaping the conversation on what “fairness” looks like in music.

The Brief.

  • A music industry focused B2B podcast designed to spark conversation and shape the ongoing debate around what “fairness” looks like in royalty distribution.
  • Make podcasting part of Utopia Music’s long-term marketing strategy via time-saving production processes that can be easily sustained over multiple seasons.
  • Amplify the voices and perspectives of key stakeholders in the music industry including artists, writers, publishers, record labels, and technologists.
  • Create a go-to resource for music creators and publishers on best practices for increasing royalty revenues, decreasing costs, and accelerating payment cycles.

A Multimedia Approach.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is central to Utopia’s wider marketing strategy. So they wanted Fair Pay For Every Play to be fully-integrated with their existing content. To achieve this, all episodes are converted into summary articles and posted to Utopia’s blog to drive additional listeners towards the full-length audio. In addition to written articles, two audiogram highlights are created for every episode and posted to Utopia’s socials to spark conversation and promote the podcast to a wider audience.

In the past, I’ve produced podcasts on my own without help and found it very difficult to juggle with other tasks. Working with Cue made life so much easier. We’re not professional podcasters. So it made sense to work with a production partner who already knows all the best practices.

- Kristian Louma, Chief Strategy Officer - Utopia Music
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Fair Pay for Every Play

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