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Frequently asked questions

Who are Cue?

Cue Podcasts was formed in 2021 by due to our continued success in producing branded content for our family of products and clients alike. We've come to learn what makes good podcasts great, picking up a couple of awards on the way.

How much does a podcast cost?

It depends, based on your individual goals and objectives. The format, release schedule, production logistics and more go into your quote. Get in touch, we can discuss your project to help work out the finer details and provide a proposal for your podcast project.

How long does it take to launch a podcast?

It depends on the complexity of the format and the logistics of collaboration and production. That said, we are typically ready to publish the first episode within 6-8 weeks of our initial kick off call.

Do you do video?

Yes! We understand that in modern podcasting, having video content results in increased downloads/views and subscribers when done correctly. If you're unsure whether your podcast idea needs video? Get in touch.

Where are you based?

Our offices are based in Manchester, however our team is distributed across the UK. We've become masters of remote collaboration, this helps us to work seamlessly with clients all over the world while still being able to offer on-site or on-location recording.

How do you work with clients?

Typically, a client will get in touch and we will arrange a consultation call. We'll run through your ideas and goals and provide a proposal for your podcast based on your individual needs and requirements. Once happy, the real fun begins. We work with brands and individuals from all over the world and help guide you through the entire process.

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