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The Productivity Institute Launches Season 2 of Productivity Puzzles

Cue Podcasts have partnered with The Productivity Institute to launch the second season of Productivity Puzzles, a show investigating UK productivity.
January 26, 2023
Productivity Puzzles
University of Manchester

Cue Podcasts have partnered with The Productivity Institute to launch the second season of Productivity Puzzles, a podcast investigating why UK productivity is much lower than it is in many other countries.

Season 2 of Productivity Puzzles is hosted by Bart van Ark (Professor of Productivity Studies at the University of Manchester, & Managing Director of The Productivity Institute). As an internationally acclaimed economist in the field of international comparative productivity measurement and analysis, his work cuts across the areas of economic growth, development economics, economic history, and international economics.

The series shares insights from the latest research on UK productivity issues and solutions – looking at the most effective policy interventions and business strategies to improve productivity, evaluating new initiatives from government (and business) and discussing how this will drive prosperity, well-being, and inclusive sustainable growth.

Episode One is available now on all major listening platforms, and takes a forward-looking perspective on future productivity, and what needs to be done to realise the potential. 

The first season of Productivity Puzzles enjoyed 27,500 downloads, and reached #3 in the Apple Podcasts government category in July 2022, after an endorsement from The Observer stated:

To go deeper for all you ever wanted to know about productivity, try the Productivity Puzzles podcast.

Productivity Puzzles is produced in partnership with Cue Podcasts, a UK-based production company specialising in branded podcasts. The team at Cue have previously produced shows for SailGP, Roc Nation, Samsung, VICE, Halifax, and more.

Nicola Pike, Director of Engagement & Impact at The Productivity Institute said:

The Productivity Institute (TPI) is delighted to have signed with Cue Podcasts for a second season of Productivity Puzzles. Their expertise in producing and promoting podcasts has not only allowed us to focus on the editorial side, but also work on creating a wide range of discussions on all aspects of productivity. The process of remote-recording with Cue is easy and straightforward, allowing us to focus on the conversation knowing the technical side is taken care of.

Niall Killeney-Taylor, Head of Production at Cue Podcasts said:

We are so happy to continue our partnership with the fantastic team at The Productivity Institute, and we look forward to building upon the great work produced in season 1. The Productivity Puzzles podcast is a true testament to how brands can engage with the podcast space. The community everyone worked hard to build around the show was (and is) a great source of its success.
Productivity Puzzles
University of Manchester

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