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Dermatology Clinic Skinmed Launches Aesthetics & Biz Podcast

Cue Podcasts have partnered with Dr. Felix Bertram to launch Aesthetics & Biz, a podcast sharing what it’s like to work in the cosmetic surgery industry.
July 5, 2023
Aesthetics & Biz
Dr. Felix Bertram

Cue Podcasts have partnered with Dr. Felix Bertram to launch Aesthetics & Biz, a podcast exploring what it takes to build a successful business in the aesthetics industry.

Aesthetics & Biz is hosted by Dr. Felix Bertram, ​​the self-funded CEO and entrepreneur of Skinmed - the largest and fastest-growing clinic chain in Switzerland. Having founded the clinic in 2007, he’s built the business into a team of 140 employees (including 20 doctors) across 5 locations. Felix brings a wealth of industry experience and unique insight specialising in dermatology, plastic, and aesthetic surgeries. 

The series not only aims to share experiences working in the aesthetics industry, but it also sets out to give listeners advice and creative inspiration to build a successful business in aesthetics. Episodes will feature expert guests like Dr. Cara McDonald (director of Complete Skin Specialists), Dr. Miranda Pearce (co-owner of Skin Viva Clinic), and Dr. Christian Subbio (one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons in the US) to share their insights and secrets as well as discuss a range of industry-based topics.

You can listen to Aesthetics & Biz here.

Episode one is available now on all major listening platforms, and focuses on Felix’s own journey into and within the aesthetics industry - including his early acting career, the life-changing event that led him into dermatology and aesthetics, business and entrepreneurship, overcoming challenges, living a fulfilled life, and more.

Aesthetics & Biz is produced in partnership with Cue Podcasts, a UK-based production company specialising in branded podcasts. The team at Cue have previously produced shows for SailGP, Roc Nation, Azets, Samsung, VICE, Halifax, and more.

Niall Killeney-Taylor, Head of Production at Cue Podcasts said:

It's been a privilege and an inspiration to work with Dr. Felix Bertram and the Skinmed team on the Aesthetics & Biz podcast. We're especially proud of this partnership because it merges two worlds that might seem unconnected at first - aesthetics and business.
We’ve always been ardent about helping brands find their unique voice in the podcasting landscape, and it's been a delight to watch Skinmed discover and refine theirs throughout this journey. The success of this collaboration is a testament to Skinmed's innovation and willingness to share their expertise, and we're looking forward to more exciting projects together.

Skinmed is the largest and fastest-growing clinic chain in Switzerland. By giving each client a tailored approach, the large team of specialist dermatologists and doctors offer plastic surgery at the highest level.
Aesthetics & Biz
Dr. Felix Bertram

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