15 of the Best Sports Podcasts for UK Listeners to Tune Into

Want to get up to speed with UK sports? Here’s 15 of the best sports podcasts to listen to in 2024. All with different styles, approaches, and themes.
June 12, 2024

For every kind of fan who thirsts for more than just the scoreline, the quest for the best sports podcasts in the UK can be as thrilling as the games themselves. In a landscape rich with tales of glory and defeat, the right podcast can turn a mere spectator into a connoisseur of the sport.

So, which are the standouts in this crowded field? You’ll be pleased to know we've done the legwork for you, compiling a list of the top 15 sports podcasts UK listeners can tune into. Each one offers a unique take on the sports we love, from tactical analysis to heart-pumping narratives.

Eager to discover your next auditory obsession? Let’s play on.

15 of the Best Sports Podcasts (UK Edition)

Dive into the vibrant world of sports audio with our curated list of the best sports podcasts the UK has to offer. From the global spectacle of the World Cup to the tactical depths of European or American football, these podcasts offer unparalleled insights.

1. Deep Dive by SailGP & Cue Podcasts

Deep Dive podcast artwork

Explore the exhilarating world of professional sailing with Deep Dive, one of the top sports podcasts focused on sailing. Steered by veteran sailors and expert commentators, Stevie Morrison and David 'Freddie' Carr, this podcast delivers an authentic look behind the scenes of competitive sailing. With Morrison's dual Olympic participations and Carr's extensive America's Cup experience, their firsthand insights into the tactics and psychology of sailing's elite are unmatched. 

From the technical prowess required to master the F50 catamarans to candid interviews with the sport's stars, Deep Dive is a treasure trove for enthusiasts eager to catch the latest wave in sailing's premier league.

2. The EggChasers Rugby Podcast

Eggchasers podcast artwork

Lace up for a rousing run with The EggChasers Rugby Podcast, a show that tackles the raw essence of rugby union with a blend of knowledge and wit. The trio of hosts – a passionate fan, a club player, and a coach – bring a diverse range of perspectives that encapsulate every level of the game. 

Whether discussing the implications of the latest international tournament or debating the finest Premiership strategies, EggChasers offers a comprehensive and entertaining look at all things rugby. This podcast is not just about the scores; it's about the stories, the culture, and the community that makes rugby an enduring sport.

3. Scottish Football Podcast

The BBC's Scottish Football Podcast show artwork

The Scottish Football Podcast from BBC Radio Scotland serves an authentic slice of football culture - providing fans with the latest news, developments, and in-depth insights. This podcast is your all-access pass to Scottish football, delivering breaking stories and expert analysis with a distinct Scottish flair. Updated daily, it ensures you're always in the know about your favourite clubs and players, offering a regular dose of the nation’s beloved sport right to your ears.

4. The Daily Football Briefing

The Daily Football Briefing podcast artwork

The Daily Football Briefing is your essential daily dose of football chatter condensed into a format perfect for your morning commute. With a rotating panel of football pundits, journalists, and former players at the helm, each episode breaks down the latest news, transfers, and match analysis - all in 15 minutes. This podcast is a must-listen for those who want to stay on the ball with all things football in a timely, engaging manner, brought to you by the premier sports journalism platform, The Athletic.

5. The Gary Neville Podcast

The Gary Neville Podcast show artwork

The Gary Neville Podcast is a candid and in-depth audio journey into the football world led by none other than Gary Neville himself. As a Manchester United legend and one of the most insightful pundits in the game, Neville brings his extensive experience from both on and off the pitch to the mic. This podcast offers listeners a seat at the table with high-profile guests, detailed match analysis, and Neville's unfiltered take on the latest happenings in football. This Sky Sports football podcast is a weekly rendezvous for fans who appreciate nuanced commentary sprinkled with the expertise of a player who's been at the heart of the sport.

6. The Totally Football Show

The Totally Football Show podcast artwork

The Totally Football Show is a lively and incisive football talk fest helmed by the legendary James Richardson, known for his clever quips on Football Italia. Each episode is a vibrant blend of humour and expert analysis, with Richardson’s signature style elevating discussions beyond the ordinary.

He navigates the complex waters of football news, match outcomes, and pundit opinions, offering a fresh perspective that captivates both the casual fan and the stat-obsessed enthusiast. It's a football podcast that entertains as much as it informs, perfect for those who like sports talk with a side of sophistication.

7. The Bill Simmons Podcast 

The Bill Simmons Podcast show artwork

The Bill Simmons Podcast, hosted by the trailblazing sportswriter Bill Simmons, is more than just a sports podcast - it's a cultural touchstone. Host Simmons, known for his sharp wit, creates a show that seamlessly stitches sports narratives with pop culture and entertainment, offering a panoramic view of the latest happenings across these dynamic spheres.

Engaging conversations with a diverse roster of high-calibre guests, from athletes to movie stars, elevate the discourse. Whether dissecting a game-changing play or analysing a blockbuster trade, Simmons' podcast is a treasure trove for listeners craving a smart, unorthodox take on the sports world.

8. That Peter Crouch Podcast

That Peter Crouch Podcast show artwork

That Peter Crouch Podcast is heralded as one of the best football podcasts the UK has to offer, serving up a feast of football with a side of hearty laughter. The towering former England striker Peter Crouch steers the show, transforming it into an insider's playbook to the life of a professional footballer.

Alongside his co-hosts, Crouch delves into tales from his career, offers candid insights, and sprinkles in quirky football trivia, all with the casual vibe of pub chatter among friends. This podcast is drenched in humour and relatable storytelling, where Crouch and his mates craft a welcoming space that resonates with fans far and wide, celebrating the spirit of football culture weekly.

9. The Geraint Thomas Cycling Club

The Geraint Thomas Cycling Club podcast artwork

Ride alongside Tour de France winner Geraint Thomas as he steers the conversation in The Geraint Thomas Cycling Club podcast. Here, the world of cycling is unpacked in all its glory, from the rush of the race to the solidarity of the cycling community. Thomas brings a personal touch to each episode, blending tales from the track with advice for cyclists at every level. It's a gathering spot for those who celebrate the sport, whether chasing the pack or just riding for the love of it.

10. The Socially Distant Sports Bar

The Socially Distant Sports Bar podcast artwork

At The Socially Distant Sports Bar, you're invited to pull up a virtual stool and dive into one of the most popular sports podcasts out there. This isn't your average sports analysis - it's a gathering spot for sports enthusiasts to debate, laugh, and sometimes veer off into the wonderfully unexpected. Known for making lists of all sorts - from the greatest games to the most memorable sporting blunders — this podcast shines with its unique blend of expert opinion, fan passion, and a healthy dose of humour, ensuring every episode feels like a night out with your most sports-crazed friends.

11. Sky Sports Cricket Podcast

Sky Sports Cricket Podcast show artwork

Step into the crease with the Sky Sports Cricket Podcast, where the love for leather on willow runs deep. This podcast is your all-access pass to the latest in cricket, hosted by a team of seasoned commentators and former cricket stars. They deliver not just ball-by-ball action but delve into the tactics, the drama, and the stories that make cricket more than a game. Perfect for enthusiasts and novices alike, it's a celebration of the sport that brings listeners closer to the heart of the action.

12. High Performance Podcast

High Performance Podcast show artwork

Ever wondered about the blueprint of success? Introducing High Performance Podcast, a journey into the essence of success. Host Jake Humphrey and psychologist Professor Damian Hughes engage with a spectrum of elite guests, unravelling the secrets behind their success. 

This podcast is more than just interviews - it's an in-depth study of the habits and mindsets that foster high performance in sports and beyond. Whether an Olympic medalist or a corporate trailblazer sharing their journey, each episode is a masterclass in becoming your best self.

13. Football Weekly

Football Weekly podcast artwork

Immerse yourself in the world of football with The Guardian's Football Weekly, a podcast that turns every kick, tackle, and goal into a topic for in-depth discussion. This series is a treasure trove of analysis, banter, and passionate debate, led by a team of seasoned journalists and pundits. Every episode promises to keep you updated and entertained as it covers the beautiful game from the grassroots to the grand stadiums. It’s the perfect match for listeners seeking a comprehensive yet captivating football narrative.

14. Test Match Special

Test Match Special podcast artwork

Test Match Special, known to fans as TMS, is a beloved podcast that delivers in-depth coverage of professional cricket - from traditional Test matches to the fast-paced excitement of Twenty20 and One Day Internationals. Focusing primarily on games featuring the England cricket team, TMS is renowned for its comprehensive, ball-by-ball commentary, capturing the essence of the sport for enthusiasts everywhere. It's a go-to source for cricket fans seeking to follow every play, strategy, and thrilling moment of the game.

15. The Chipping Forecast

The Chipping Forecast podcast artwork

Get ready to navigate the fairways and greens with The Chipping Forecast, where golf enthusiasts come for the latest swing tips, tour news, and candid conversations about the game's finer points. This podcast is a weekly tee time for those who live and breathe golf, offering insights into everything from equipment choices to mental game strategies. With its casual yet knowledgeable approach, The Chipping Forecast is the perfect companion for anyone looking to improve their handicap or simply enjoy the camaraderie of fellow golf lovers.

Final Thoughts: 15 Best Sports Podcasts UK

As we round off our tour of the good sports podcasts in the UK, we've witnessed the rich diversity and passion that define the sports podcasting scene. These sport podcasts have not only provided us with hours of expert analysis and entertainment but have also created communities of fans across social media platforms.

Whether reading the latest sports news or looking for deep dives into your favourite games, these podcasts have something for everyone. Don't forget to check out the links to each show on Apple Podcasts or your preferred podcasting platform and hit that subscribe button to never miss an episode. Your next favourite podcast is just a play button away.

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