20 of the Best Financial Podcasts to Listen to in 2024

Want to up your money game this year? From stock investing to personal money management, here's 20 of the best financial podcasts to listen to in 2024.
April 19, 2024

Needless to say, money affects us all. And when something holds such a large sway over our lives, it makes sense to understand it. Right?

But our school education often only equips us with a small amount of knowledge in relation to money. Often it barely scratches the surface on what there is to know.

That’s where financial podcasts come in. Because they can help plug those knowledge gaps, expose us to expert opinion, and present various forms of analysis. 

But with so many high-performing shows there, which are the right ones for you and your 2024 aspirations? 

Whether you want to improve your financial literacy or know how markets are tracking, this article picks out 20 of the best financial podcasts to listen to. Read on to find out what each show covers and what listeners can expect.

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20 of the Best Financial Podcasts to Listen to in 2024

To spare you the effort of searching, we've compiled the 20 of the best financial podcasts to help you find the right one for you. Ready?

1. Money Clinic

The Money Clinic Artwork: Claer Barrett, a white woman with blonde hair, looks towards the camera. There is a blue background with the Financial Times logo in the right hand corner. The podcast title is at the bottom overlaying Claer.

Hosted by: Claer Barrett

In this weekly podcast from the Financial Times, Claer Barrett shares the best ways to manage your finances and create wealth. All under 30 minutes, Money Clinic episodes focus on one topic around generating money and making it work harder for you. From revealing ways to beat the market to how to keep your food bill down, Claer is regularly joined by experts to give listeners the best personal financial tips, tricks, and takeaways. 

2. Unhedged

Podcast cover for "Unhedged" featuring bold, graphic text with upward green and downward red arrows on a dark background, and logos for FT and Pushkin.

Hosted by: Ethan Wu and Katie Martin

If you’re looking for a digestible take on what’s happening in finance right now, Unhedged is the podcast for you. Financial Times journalists Ethan Wu and Katie Martin present this twice-weekly podcast covering the big ideas in the finance industry. They unpick popular talking points like if ESG investing is dying or if the US stock market can withstand a 3% US inflation. Unhedged toes the fine line between keeping things technical but easy to understand, making it a good listen for 2024.

3. The Martin Lewis Podcast

The artwork for the Martin Lewis Podcast featuring a background made three triangular sections. One section is blue, one section has a pattern of black and white pound coins, and the third is grey. Martin Lewis is dressed in a suit looking towards the camera and smiling. To the right of him there is text that reads 'The Martin Lewis Pocast'. The BBC logo is at the top and the radio 5 logo is at the bottom right hand side.

Hosted by: Martin Lewis and Richard Osman

The UK’s original “Money Saving Expert” and favourite consumer rights champion, Martin Lewis, brings his wisdom to this BBC podcast. Martin covers everyday personal finance to keep more money in your pocket. From the best bank accounts, to whether you should fix your energy tariff, this is a one-stop shop for saving and spending.

4. The Investing for Beginners Podcast

The artwork for The Investing For Beginners Podcast featuring a black background with a yellow diagonal lines in each corner. Text reads "The Investing For Beginners Podcast". There is the Glassbox logo in the bottom left corner, and the Investing For Beginners logo in the bottom right corner.

Hosted by: Andrew Sather and Dave Ahern

If you’re brand new to investing and feel like 2024 is the year to change that, then The Investing For Beginners Podcast is a must-listen. The hosts Andrew Sather and Dave Ahern aren’t from finance backgrounds, but rather self-taught investors dedicated to simplifying finance and sharing what they’ve learned. Spanning over 400 episodes, the podcast focuses on tried and tested strategies such as value investing and dividend growth investing. But if that feels overwhelming, start at the back-to-basics episodes (from episode 43 onwards).

5. Girls That Invest

Hosted by: Simran Kaur and Sonya Gupthan

Since launching in 2020, the Girls That Invest podcast has grown into one of the most popular financial podcasts. It was created by millionaire investor, Simran Kaur, to be an accessible investing resource for women and people from ethnic backgrounds - something Simran felt was lacking previously. Over relaxed conversation, Simran and co-host (and fellow investor) Sonya Gupthan give an easy-to-understand breakdown of the investing world and growing wealth. Episodes are released thrice weekly and fall within the categories of money secrets, investing, and Girls That StartUp. If you want to learn how to grow your money but technical speak puts you off, then start here. Because as the Girls That Invest mantra attests, “no one saves their way to wealth”.

6. A Book With Legs

The image features a blacA pink background with abstract, lighter pink shapes. There is white capitalized text, reading “GIRLS THAT INVEST”. Just below, in smaller font, it reads “INVESTING EDUCATION”. Additionally, there’s a small, dark logo or icon in the top right corner. k book with human legs attached to it. The legs are wearing pants and shoes. The background is solid red, and there’s text that reads “A BOOK WITH LEGS” along with a logo for SMEAD capital management in the top left corner.

Hosted by: Staff at Smead Capital

Hosted by the Stock Market Investors firm, Smead Capital, A Book With Legs explores the books that have shaped the investment decisions of the Smead team. When so many financial podcasts are centred on the ways to create wealth, A Book With Legs brings listeners some  much-needed storytelling. Each week, the authors of these influential books are invited on to the podcast. This includes the likes of Chris Yogerst discussing how the Warner Brothers built their entertainment empire. Or Michael Thompson revealing how an unlikely group turned the UFC into a $10 billion industry.

7. CBNC’s “Fast Money”

The artwork for CNBC's Fast Money podcast feature a three square design. The top left square features the CNBC logo, the top right square features a view of the New York Skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge, and the bottom square is blue with the text 'Fast Money' in capitalised, white text./

Hosted by: Melissa Lee

Going strong for 17+ years, CNBC’s “Fast Money” is still one of the best financial podcasts to listen to in 2024. This podcast excels in delivering a real-time analysis to US news and the impact upon the markets. Its fast-paced daily episodes are invaluable for keeping up to date with the market's fluctuations. 

8. Odd Lots

The artwork for the Odd Lots podcast, featuring a dark background and a purple box that has some graphic designed objects in it, including: A house, a truck, gold bars, gummy bears and a chicken. Underneath, there is a small bit of text reading 'Bloomberg' and in much larger font there is text reading 'Odd Lots'.

Hosted by: Tracy Alloway and Joe Weisenthal

Produced by Bloomberg, Odd Lots takes an examined look at some of the most pertinent stories from across the globe affecting finance, markets, and economics. The highly informative and engaging episodes are typically less than an hour. Discussions range from China’s chip breakthrough and the economics of building a childcare business, making this a fascinating financial podcast for 2024.

9. The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

The Diary of a CEO Artwork: Steven Bartlett, a mixed race man with a light beard looking directly at the camera, wearing a black t-shirt with "doac" and "the diary of a ceo

Hosted by: Steven Barlett

While it’s not strictly a financial podcast, The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett still deserves a place on this list. Bartlett interviews the “world’s most influential people, experts and thinkers”, including prominent figures in finance like Alex Hormozi and Codie Sanchez. Fascinating interviewees combined with Bartlett’s candid interview style make this the most popular podcast in the UK. To filter out financial content only, his YouTube channel has helpful playlists like How to build Multimillion dollar companies and Everything you need to know about money. 

10. The Memo by Howard Marks

The podcast artwork for The Memo by Howard Marks, featuring a close up of half of Howard Mark's face, looking to the camera. There is a turquoise background with a white graphic line chart and white text that reads "The Memo by Howard Marks". Underneath the text is the Oaktree logo.

Hosted by: Howard Marks

Howard Marks is highly revered in the investment world. As co-founder and co-chairman of the Global Investment Firm, Oaktree's, he’s responsible for managing nearly $190bn and is estimated to be worth over $2billion himself. Since 1990, Marks has periodically sent out a newsletter called ‘The Memo’ - which to add extra credibility, Warren Buffet has spoken publicly about always learning something from. Thankfully, Mark’s memos are no longer the reserve of his clients, because more recent editions are accessible as The Memo by Howard Marks podcast. Each memo (and episode) reflects Mark's “viewpoint on the investment landscape, as well as more general business insights” making it one of the best financial podcasts to listen to in 2024.

11. ChooseFI

The artwork for the podcast Choose FI featuring an off-white graph paper background, with some solid and perforated straight lines design around the edges. In the centre is an orange, square text bubble with the letters 'FI' above this is the word 'choose'  and below the bubble is the words ''Financial independence.'

Hosted by: Brad Barrett and Jonathan Medonsa

ChooseFI is a well-loved podcast focusing on the principles, strategies, and thoughts around the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) movement. In the weekly episodes, hosts Brad Barrett and Jonathan Mendonsa often pick the brains of guests achieving financial independence with stories of how they’ve turned their lives around. Through these insightful interviews, ChooseFI gives listeners useful takeaways for their own FIRE journey. All while reframing society’s ideas around work, money, and wealth.

12. The Property Podcast 

Artwork for the Property Podcast, featuring a white background, the two hosts, who are white men, looking at the camera smiling, and red text above them that reads 'The Property Podcast'. Above the text in red is the Property Hub logo.

Hosted by: Rob Bence and Rob Dix

The Property Podcast is a business-to-consumer podcast from Property Hub. Two super-digestible episodes are released each week (some as short as 6 minutes) and take on either a property news story or a property investment topic. So it might be discussing whether Kent is a good place to invest or weighing up what’s better - cash flow or capital growth. And it’s the quick-paced, energetic hosting styles of Rob Bence and Rob Dix that make seemingly dull topics a riveting listen. As a result, The Property Podcast is a quick and effective way to get solid property investment advice, making it a top financial podcast to listen to in 2024.

13. The Ramsey Show

Artwork for The Ramsey Show, featuring three people looking at the camera and smiling, against a blue background. From left to right is George Kamal, Dave Ramsey (both white men) and Jade Warshaw (a black woman). Beneath the people, there is capitalised text that reads "The Ramsey Show". In the top right hand corner is the Ramsey Solutions logo.

Hosted by: Dave Ramsey, Rachel Cruz, George Kamal, Jade Warshaw, Ken Coleman, Jon Delony and Eddie Culin

Boasting a billion downloads, The Ramsey Show is one of America’s most popular financial podcasts. Spearheaded by the radio personality and New-York Times bestselling author, Dave Ramsey, the podcast has a call-in format. By delivering into people’s financial problems and questions, episodes give listeners actionable advice to become debt-free, having the money to give generously and leave money anxiety behind. While this is America-focused, there’s many universal life-lessons in each episode.

14. The Side Hustle Show

Podcast Artwork for The Side Hustle Show with Nick Loper, featuring a green background with a translucent green audio wave design. On the left hand side, the text reads "The side hustle show, with Nick Loper" and on the right hand, Nick Loper, a white man, is looking at the camera and smiling while wearing earphones connected to his mobile phone.

Hosted by: Nick Loper

If you’re looking to boost your income, then The Side Hustle Show is a great financial podcast to listen to in 2024. Each episode shows how everyday people have created viable businesses and income streams outside of their day-to-day jobs. Episodes vary from creating digital assets with AI right through to creating a laundromat business. Whether you’ve got your own side-hustle or need inspiration, The Side Hustle Show offers valuable insight for budding and established entrepreneurs alike.

15. This Is Money

Artwork for This is Money, featuring a deep purple background, a red arrow design following an upward trend, and the hosts Georgie Frost and Simon Lambert looking straight on towards the camera. There is white text at the bottom left of the page that reads "This is Money" but the 'o' is a pound coin.

Hosted by: Georgie Frost, Helen Crane and Simon Lambert.

This is Money is another business-to-consumer podcast from the financial website of the same name. It also makes up part of the news publication group that includes The Daily Mail and The Metro. Whereas other podcasts unpick financial news stories, This is Money benefits from having financial journalism underpinning its episodes. And as such is one of the best podcasts for staying up to date with UK financial news.

16. Planet Money

Podcast artwork for Planet Money, featuring a dark green background and an illustration of a solar system. The text 'planet money' is in the middle of the solar system, and there is the NPR logo in the top left and the NPR network logo in the bottom left corner.

Hosted by: Amanda Aronczyk, Mary Childs, Karen Duffin, Jacob Goldstein, Sarah Gonzalez, and Kenny Malone.

Produced by NPR, Planet Money spotlights the financial aspects of the most fascinating stories - making Planet Money an engaging podcast for not just those financially focused, but for anyone interested in how finance fits into the big picture of modern society. If you’re keen to know how money makes the world go round, Planet Money is a must-listen. 

17. The Rest Is Money

Podcast Artwork for The Rest is Money featuring a background that looks like blue crinkled paper and the torsos Steph McGovern and Robert Peston are in the top right and bottom left corner respectively. There is white text overlaying them that reads "The Rest is Money" and there is the Goalhanger logo in the top right corner.

Hosted by: Robert Peston and Steph McGovern

The twice-weekly podcast, The Rest Is Money, delves into how the most interesting current events and debates are impacting business and finance. It also regularly features fascinating interviews from the prominent business leaders behind many household brands. So, a typical episode could feature a deep-dive into Donald Trump’s new found ‘fortune’, or have Tom Kerridge revealing how to build a restaurant empire. It’s these varied and thought-provoking episodes that make The Rest Is Money one of the best financial podcasts to listen to in 2024.

18. The Tim Ferris Show 

Podcast Artwork for The Tim Ferris Show featuring a dark background, and Tim Ferris - a white man - on the right hand side looking up above him whilst holding a hat to his chest. On the left hand side is yellow, capitalised text that reads "The Tim Ferris Show".

Hosted by: Tim Ferris

In 2024, The Tim Ferriss Show remains a top podcast choice for financial insights. That’s thanks to Tim Ferris’ reputation as an esteemed early-stage investor and his out-of-the-box thinking. Ferriss' dedication to exploring unconventional topics and extracting actionable advice ensures each episode offers valuable insights for personal and professional development. As a result, listeners hear the methods and mindsets behind wealth-building, entrepreneurship, and strong personal finance. Topped off with related topics like mental resilience or work-life-balance, the Tim Ferris Podcast is an excellent all-rounder financial podcast to listen to in 2024.

19. The Property Voice Podcast 

Artwork for The Property Voice Podcast featuring a white background and a blue animated row of buildings. Underneath the row of buildings is text that reads "The Property Voice Podcast". Around the p in podcast is a pair of headphones.

Hosted by: Richard Brown

The Property Voice Podcast offers expert insights into the UK property market, catering to investors, landlords, and aspiring homeowners alike. From property investment strategies to landlord tips and legal updates, The Property Voice Podcast equips listeners with the knowledge and resources needed to succeed in the dynamic world of property investment, making this a great property-related financial podcast to listen to this year.

20. In Focus

Artwork for the Money Marketing Podcast, featuring a blue-grey background and a silver microphone on the right hand side. On the left-hand side is a black box with text that reads 'money marketing podcast'.

Hosted by: John Oxford and Josh Mabus

Money Marketing's In Focus offers comprehensive coverage of the UK financial services industry, with in-depth analysis of regulatory changes, market trends, and industry developments. Hosted by industry experts John Oxford (Corporation Director of Corporate Communication at Renasant) and Josh Mabus (President and founder of Mabus Agency), this podcast provides valuable insights for financial professionals and enthusiasts seeking to stay abreast of the latest news and trends shaping the UK financial landscape.

Has Something Caught Your Eye?

Hopefully one of the above shows piqued your interest. These are our favourite picks here at Cue Podcasts, rather than an exhaustive list of the best financial podcasts. Whatever stage you’re at in your financial journey, there’s always lots of great shows to choose from. All with different approaches and takeaways. 

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