The Stack World’s Podcast Outlines a New Vision for Childcare in the UK

The Stack World is an online magazine and membership platform for women focused on entrepreneurship, culture, health, and beauty. It was founded by Sharmadean Reid MBE, whose mission is to create economic and social empowerment for women through technology and media.

The First Three Years Podcast

The Brief.

  • A rich and thought-provoking narrative exposé series aimed at working mothers across the UK.
  • Create a platform for a wide variety of mothers and relevant experts to voice their unfiltered experiences and opinions on the current shortcomings of the UK childcare system.
  • Provide new mothers with advice, guidance, and support on how to navigate the challenges the childcare system presents. And also put forward an alternative vision for the future of childcare in the UK modelled on other countries with more effective and pragmatic policies in place.
  • Increase brand awareness by creating content that strongly resonates with The Stack World’s target audience.
  • Drive listeners to The Stack World website with the aim of converting to one of their paid memberships.

The Podcast

Mothers inspired
Featured Interviews
Hours of raw recordings edited
Childcare experts engaged
Editorial consultations

A partner to transform vision into reality

While Sharmadean and Alexandra had an ambitious vision for the series, neither had any experience of podcast production. They knew they’d need outside help piecing together the story they wanted to tell from many different interviews. During an initial consultation call, the team quickly helped them refine their idea and map out a structure for the episodes.

Services provided

  • Concept development
  • Audio storyboarding
  • High quality sound design
  • Trailer production
  • Accessible everywhere
  • Engaging marketing material
  • Detailed reporting
Trailer Audiogram
Episode Audiogram
Working with a dedicated production partner made the whole process so much smoother. There were so many moving parts to this project, meaning less room for error. Cue took care of all the technical stuff and hand-held me through each stage of the process from start to finish.
Alex Jones
Alexandra Jones
Award-winning journalist - The Stack World

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