Roc Nation and Cue team up to take fans behind the music

Established in 2008 by Jay-Z, Roc Nation originally started out as a record label. The brand then quickly evolved by moving into talent management, concert production, film, and TV. It now represents some of the most recognizable names in music including Rhianna, J. Cole, Meek Mill, Christina Aguilera, and more.

Despite offering a diverse range of artist services, Roc Nation hadn’t experimented with podcasting before the pandemic. So in early 2020 they partnered with Cue to plan, produce, and promote professional-quality content. During lockdown, we worked directly with four Roc Nation artists to deliver a series of music-focused podcasts.

The Brief

  • Give artists on the Roc Nation talent roster access to professional podcast production services and studio-quality equipment for recording remotely at home.
  • Produce music-focused podcasts that resonate with existing audiences, enabling fans to stay connected with their favourite artists while gigs and tours were cancelled.
  • Drive higher levels of engagement on artist’s social channels by posting eye-catching marketing material for each podcast episode.
  • Create and implement a launch plan for each podcast designed to maximise reach and impact on release.

The Podcasts

The First Ever Podcast

The First Ever Podcast

Jeremy Bolm, vocalist for Touché Amoré, explores the humble beginnings of all kinds of different artists - from actors and musicians to poets and photographers. How did their first experiences with their art form lead them to where they are today?

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The sound of change podcast

The Sound of Change

Senses Fail frontman Buddy Neilsen speaks with musicians, producers, actors and more to uncover the personal stories they associate with the albums that formed soundtracks to pivotal eras in their lives.

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Good for a girl podcast

Good For A Girl,

Spiritbox vocalist Courtney LaPlante highlights the challenges of being a woman working in music’s male-dominated metal scene. Through conversations with industry professionals, she examines the various forms of gender inequality they’ve experienced throughout their careers.

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BeenDopeSpeaks Podcast


Brooklyn-based rapper HDBeenDope takes fans behind the scenes of his album BrokeNDreams by speaking to those who helped bring the project to life. What themes was the album built on and how do they connect to people and influences in HD’s life?

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Maximising Reach Post-Launch

Cue worked alongside management and PR teams to plan a launch strategy for each podcast. Coordinated coverage in relevant industry publications promoted the shows to the right audiences upon release.

To make the most of this early attention, multiple episodes of each podcast went live on launch day. This allowed fans to binge-listen, and the subsequent spike in first-week download figures helped boost the position of each podcast in the Apple charts.

Services provided

  • Concept Development
  • Equipment provision
  • Media Kit
  • Recording & Editing
  • Artwork & Branding
  • Trailer Creation
  • Show Notes
  • Hosting & Distribution
Youtube views
Social media impressions
5 star reviews
Top 10 chart positions on Apple Podcasts

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